Refreshed Website Delivers Our Brand Promise

Mosaic renewed a promise last week when it launched a brand refresh and a new website.

The promise is to our clients and our employees that we will continue to embody time-tested, proven service offerings. We will continue to stand for passion—to train, to share and to see outside the box.  We are leaders with a desire to serve our clients in a way that helps them move forward with their workforce performance goals.

Brands are a bit of psychology and science woven together as a promise mark instead of a trademark. A brand can outlive a product cycle and become incredibly valuable over time if the reputation and leadership is strong.

But like a good spring cleaning, it’s good to tidy up the brand and recommit to the powerful intentions behind it. Our message is simple and clean. To quote Leonardo da Vinci, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Does our look reflect changing times? As the utility and oil & gas industries evolve, is our mission is still on target and meaningful. Do we still believe in our mission?

The answer is yes. Mosaic’s mission says: “We are invested in the success of our people and our clients. Together, we design, develop and deliver training programs and tools that increase performance and productivity.”

Our mission centers on our integrity and the success of our clients. We strive for excellence and accountability. We collaborate as a team, sharing, nurturing and motivating each other. And we continue to elevate our clients’ workforce performance. It’s part of our DNA and still represents our brand.

It’s a mantra we repeat, and our promise to you.

Miranda Leurquin, Mosaic Director of Human Resources