Mosaic Continues Support for Vision House to Change Lives

No child should be homeless. That’s the motto of Vision House, a non-profit group, supported by Mosaic. Vision House provides safe and confidential transitional housing and services for homeless single mothers and their children. They also help homeless single men recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

Mosaic has supported this organization for 18 years. During that time, more than 800 men, women and children have benefited from the service to help re-integrate residents into the community through adequate housing, counseling, child care, food, clothing, education and vocational training, life skills development and employment.

I began working with Vision House when my children were young. We offered to babysit the children while the mothers attended meetings, 12-step programs and training. Over the years, it became a Mosaic initiative, governed by our Charitable Organizations Committee.

At Vision House’s recent luncheon–NoHomelessKids Benefit fundraiser, I was amazed to see the same passion from the founders of Vision House, John and Susan Camerer, who started the non-profit in 1990. Mosaic has continued to support their work, not only for the caring of vulnerable populations, but how they do it. It’s not just a handout. It’s not just charity.

Vision House develops a relationship with those who enter the doors. They change and transform lives. They interrupt the cycle of poverty and abuse by working with the mothers and their children, providing safe housing, creating hope, and building self-esteem.

No child should be homeless, hungry and frightened by the horrors of poverty. Mosaic supports this invaluable organization and our hope is that you will too, until every child has a home. Please watch this video on Vision House:

To contact visit house: