When Training Pays Off—PG&E Wins World Championship at the 31st Annual International Lineman’s Rodeo

In an elite competition that tests safety training, knowledge and technical skills, a Pacific Gas & Electric team—electric linemen who serve the Grass Valley, California, USA region, took home three first-place world championship awards. The awards reflect superior training and knowledge transfer.

Three men, Anthony Albright, Adam Beene and J.P. Richard competed against more than 200 lineman teams from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom in the 31st Annual International Lineman’s Rodeo in Bonner Springs, Kansas. The thought behind the competition is to showcase the importance of training and retention.

Mosaic has been part of a training team for the lineman program and sideline cheerleaders in the competition.

In an article published in Transmission and Distribution World magazine, PG&E President Chris Johns said the company was proud of the linemen’s daily commitment to their customers and pleased to see the team gain the recognition they deserve.

“PG&E line workers dedicate themselves every day to providing our customers—their family, friends and neighbors in the communities where they live and work—with service that is safe and reliable,” said Johns.

The PG&E team began the evening with a first place win in the “Mystery Event”—an exercise designed to simulate the unforeseen elements that lineman often confront as they perform their critical jobs. They also took home first place for all Investor-Owned Utilities competing at the rodeo, and they capped off the evening with the biggest honor of all: best overall performance in the journeymen linemen category. In addition, the linemen took second place in an event to see how quickly and safely they could climb a utility pole.

The 2014 International Lineman’s Rodeo is the most prestigious international competition to test lineman teams on their safety skills and technical training in an array of contests. These contests include a simulation that tests their ability to safely rescue an injured colleague, and their ability to safely and rapidly climb to the top of a utility pole, as well as several “Mystery Events” that test critical skills related to their jobs. Linemen undergo years of extensive safety and technical training to become qualified to perform these critical jobs. PG&E linemen perform their work in a wide variety of challenging conditions, such as rain storms, intense heat, blizzards and even wildfires.