dp-PRO: The Disruptive Nature of ADMS Demands a Strong Focus on Training

Industry trends show that ADMS is, and will increasingly become, an essential and very powerful asset. Effective role-based training is critical for success.

The breadth and speed of the digital change and transformation taking place within electric distribution are unparalleled. What started as a series of initial innovations like Smart Meters and Smart Switches rapidly progressed to the introduction of significantly more sophisticated and complex distribution solutions, including advanced distribution management systems (ADMS). Amid the industry-wide rapid transformation to ADMS, utilities are struggling with the speed of change and the associated disruption to the control room and operations, as compared to what was traditionally only incremental change in the previous decades.

Utilities recognize that success demands building and maintaining a workforce competent in ADMS. Ensuring successful adoption is difficult because the long-standing set of criteria used to determine success within power distribution is rapidly transforming into a whole new set of standards and competencies dictated by ADMS.

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