Change Management

Across the energy industry, organizations are facing common challenges around unifying distinct cultures, aligning disparate systems, and adopting transformative change. Many utility and pipeline companies have grown through mergers and acquisitions, resulting in non-integrated work and people systems. Inefficiencies around people, process, technology, and data are being magnified by an unprecedented period of digital transformation.

The new and ever-changing environment the industry is facing has placed unparalleled demands and expectations on the workforce. Managing human capital is critical to unifying operations and driving business efficiencies. All the elements of an organizational system (e.g., work systems, leadership, people systems, culture) have to work together to deliver on business goals, especially amidst transformational change. This requires a whole systems approach that builds alignment and drives engagement at all levels of the organization.

Mosaic works with energy and utility companies to implement transformational business and culture change by using an agile approach that engages people and supports leaders at all levels to get real buy-in and meaningful change. Mosaic’s holistic methods help leaders to assess their environment, build on lessons learned, tap the creativity and wisdom of the workforce at all levels in the organization, and create alignment around a strategic purpose.

Mosaic’s services include:

  • Assessing the organization’s current culture and organizational systems to determine the highest priorities for strategic alignment and improvement.
  • Building change leadership capabilities at all levels of the organization.
  • Creating and communicating a vision for change and driving engagement and alignment at all levels of the organization.
  • Developing strategic measurement systems to align every function and team’s goals to the business strategy and corporate vision.
  • Building a community of practice infrastructure to empower the most impacted employee groups to implement continuous improvements and drive innovations from the bottom up.
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