Grid Operations Expertise

Mosaic’s Grid Operations Industry Experts comprise a group of individuals with diverse backgrounds who work together to provide strategic consulting to our clients and relief to their internal subject-matter experts during grid modernization projects. Our industry experts are past control room operators, supervisors/managers, and engineers with a mix of grid operations experience who provide a range of experience and expertise.

  • Grid Modernization Projects: Mosaic’s experts have worked on numerous grid modernization projects (e.g., AMI, ADMS, DERMS, FLISR, VVO, smart grid, and more).
  • Varied Experiences: Our experts have a diverse set of backgrounds. And as roles and jurisdictions change across generation, transmission, and distribution operations, we are at the front of these evolutions and know how to optimize your business and control room operations.
  • Vendor, System, and Platform Expertise: Our teams have designed as-is and to-be business processes and developed training for most major systems and platforms. Mosaic’s approach is vendor-agnostic, but we have relationships with many grid modernization vendors and the unique ability to partner with any technology team.

Mosaic’s Services Include:

  • Project Roadmap/Strategy Creation: We help clients understand realistic timeframes for achieving grid modernization goals, identify the impacted stakeholder groups, and define the competencies operators and support staff will need to support the transformation.
  • Business Process Mapping: Mosaic’s experts understand the transformative change and downstream business impacts brought by the capabilities of new grid modernization systems and technologies. Our vast project and industry experience enables us to interpret nuances and think through critical change impacts.
  • Training Scenario Development: We have the expertise to leverage your business processes and turn those into real-world scenarios built into training simulators. This approach provides iterative, process-based training that allows operators to practice new skills in a safe environment to build foundational and advanced end-to-end competence.
  • Relief for Internal Subject-Matter Experts: Most internal SMEs have not been through these types of transformations before. Our consultants bring the expertise needed to make these projects successful, freeing up internal resources to spend more time doing their jobs, and less time focusing on day-to-day project demands and schedules.
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