Strategic Training Analysis

Based on decades of experience working with energy and utility companies and in-depth benchmarking across the industry, Mosaic has developed a framework for best-in-class field operations training.

Mosaic uses this framework to systematically analyze our clients’ current state in comparison to their training and business goals. We work with clients to develop and implement sustainable strategies that support organizational strategy and prepare operations employees to do their work safely, reliably, and efficiently.

The Seven Pillars of Best-in-Class Field Operations Training:

  • Employee Competence
  • Content & Tools
  • Governance
  • Instructor Excellence
  • Facilities & Props
  • Procedures
  • Technology

An overarching finding of Mosaic’s work is that there is no single pillar or strategy that independently solves the challenges related to workforce competence. Whether your goals are increased agility, more innovation, or faster time to competence, it is critical that companies look holistically across the business to ensure training objectives are aligned with operational priorities. Mosaic consistently observes that companies excel in one or more of these pillars, but rarely execute the balanced application of all seven required to create and sustain a competent workforce today and into the future.

Mosaic’s Services Include:

  • Internal data gathering and external benchmarking to identify the organization’s current performance as related to Mosaic’s pillars, industry best practices, and client goals.
  • Definition of current business constraints (e.g., aging workforce, organizational changes) and their impact on training needs.
  • A comprehensive review of training development and delivery processes, and specific training deliverables.
  • Identification of short- and long-term recommendations to prioritize and plan to address identified gaps.
  • Communication and change management to help stakeholders gain organizational buy in and support to make the identified changes.
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