Workforce Planning and Alignment

What utilities and oil & gas companies expect of their employees is changing as new technologies come into play and regulators raise their standards. Those shifts are running headlong into a new workforce that brings different skills and expectations in terms of career progression and development.

Lenses of Workforce Impact:

  • The work itself is changing. The industry is employing more technology-enabled processes, which is shifting the way work is done. In some case, these changes mean redefining job roles and reallocating responsibilities internally and across the contractor workforce.
  • The pace of change is increasing. Grid and pipeline upgrades are driving technology implementation at unprecedented speeds, and there’s not an end in sight. In most cases, the technology is being rolled out with inadequate training, change management, and workforce preparation.
  • Workforce demographics are shifting. Many companies are on the backside of the retirement curve, which means the industry is now dealing with a less experienced workforce. Those same new workers may come in with a more digital skillset, but they also come in with a different mindset about work and promotion opportunities.
  • Regulators are putting more focus on competence. Regulators are starting to put the pressure on operators to go above and beyond what’s covered by the federal code or state commissions across gas and electric. And it’s not just employees—regulators are erasing the line between employees and contractors in performance expectations and operator accountability.

The intersection of what companies are going to expect from employees in the future and what those employees are equipped to do today is where companies must define strategies to ensure employees achieve and sustain competence as the work and business priorities continue to shift and change.

Mosaic’s approach enables energy and utility companies to build internal systems and processes that continuously develop employees’ capabilities and competencies in alignment with the most pressing business needs. It provides companies with a “GPS” for attracting, retaining, developing, and deploying employees in a way that is completely aligned with business strategies and goals.

Mosaic’s Services Include:

  • Redefining competency frameworks for a changing technology and work process landscape.
  • Building job profiles that clarify what optimal performance looks like for all key roles.
  • Creating a scalable and sustainable way to assess the strengths and gaps in capabilities required to achieve business goals.
  • Aligning all training and development activities to build and optimize employee capabilities year over year.
  • Supporting contractor training programs to increase visibility and drive accountability.
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