NERC Certified Training

Mosaic’s NERC-certified training provides interactive, competency-based, virtual continuing education. Our content is relevant to your business and the state of the industry today, going a level deeper than standard, off-the-shelf CBT’s. We provide cloud-based simulation exercises, virtual instruction, and interactive discussions facilitated by industry experts.

At Mosaic, we believe that compliance is never enough; our goal is to improve the knowledge, skills, and abilities of operators and support functions in bulk power system operations. Our vast technical experience and expertise, combined with robust instructional design capabilities, enable us to create and deliver content in a way that increases learning, builds mastery, and satisfies regulatory requirements.

Current NERC Certification Courses

MARCH 9-11, 2021

Modern Power System Restoration March 9

MARCH 16-18, 2021

Modern Power System Restoration March 16

March 18 2021

Improving Human Performance During Emergencies

MARCH 23-25, 2021

Modern Power System Restoration March 23

MARCH 25, 2021

Power System Restoration Strategies

Electric Gas Pipeline