NERC Training & Advisory Services

At Mosaic, we believe that compliance is never enough; our goal is to improve the knowledge, skills, and abilities of operators and support functions in bulk power system operations. As a NERC Level 3 CE provider, our vast technical experience and expertise, combined with robust instructional design capabilities, enable us to create and deliver content in a way that increases learning, builds mastery, and satisfies regulatory requirements.

Mosaic’s training and advisory services include:

  • NERC-Certified Training: Interactive, competency-based, virtual continuing education that is relevant to your business and the state of the industry today. 
  • PER-005 Advisory Services: Job-task analyses, curriculum roadmaps, and systematic training that meets NERC 0perations personnel training requirements for reliability-related tasks.
  • Simulation Exercises: Simulation-based courses that allow students to interact with real-world experiences through exercises and simulations.

Current NERC Certification Courses

Introduction to Market Operations

Do system operators, who are tasked with maintaining reliability, understand how energy markets affect them?

Power System Restoration Strategies

Participants will learn multiple strategies to recovering an interconnected system from a catastrophic event that will improve their understanding and skills of adapting to varied network conditions.

Power System Protection

Join our instructors as they look at common system protection elements and events that cause these devices to operate.

Improving Human Performance During Emergencies

Dive into a number of factors that can help system operators perform better on the desk.

Modern Power System Restoration

A modern take on the classic system restoration class that the industry is familiar with.

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