Senior Director, Energy & Utilities

Amy Borgmeyer

Amy's coffee cup is almost as well-traveled as she is. While she spends weekends hopping across the country to visit her family, she spends weekdays popping from one corner of the office to the other — always with coffee in hand. Maybe that's what fuels her to be the most detail-aware person in the room, always diving deep into the nitty-gritty specifics of any challenge that comes her way. Amy enjoys walking clients through complex seasons of change and renewal. Watching people respond to new ideas with fearless flexibility is far and away Amy's favorite part of her job.

Amy stays involved with the industry by participating in Mosaic's Energy & Utility Training Roundtable and the ASME B31Q Committee. When she's not fact-gathering or thought-exploring, Amy can be found elbow-deep in a pottery class or wearing out her enthusiastic Labrador.

Electric Gas Pipeline