Vice President, Technology Services

Don Davis

If you can't find Don, he's probably lost somewhere down the rabbit hole, exploring uncharted possibilities just for the thrill of it. Don is a life learner, always on the hunt for ways to expand his know-how and capacity to problem-solve. His expertise is in helping clients see problems that are right under their noses, and then helping them track down a solution. Don's 16 years of experience in the industry have provided him with deep knowledge of user-centric process, software, and performance support systems design, and broad experience in instructional design and organizational change management.

If you asked Don about the best part of his job, he'd tell you he's in the business of "saving souls,"—or, finding ways around obstacles people didn't even see coming. On weekends, you can find him hanging out with his dogs, a history book and a plate of the world's best scrambled eggs — which he is renowned for making.

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