Work and Asset Management

The most common reasons cited for work and asset management project failures often include:

  • An inordinate focus on technology over people to drive business results.
  • Misalignment between system design and business processes.
  • Reliance on technology vendors to provide effective training.

Additionally, companies often embark on work and asset management initiatives without properly documented business processes. Many utility and pipeline companies have grown through acquisition, and rely on different systems and processes to operate. They are faced with designing system requirements around multiple versions of the same process or different versions for various regions and business units.

Mosaic is a system and module-agnostic vendor that helps energy companies make the best decisions for their business around process and design decisions to avoid business inefficiencies, reduce workarounds, and improve data quality and analytics.

Mosaic’s services include:

  • Mapping system processes to roles to identify business-specific impacts, determine actions and decisions that need to be made to mitigate risk, and develop methods to prepare and educate employees about changes before go-live.
  • Building and delivering role-based training that increases end-user adoption, speeds the time to proficiency using the new system and processes, and fosters the measurable achievement of business goals.
  • Creating performance support tools that provide end-users with the critical, task-based, procedural instruction they need to complete their work back on the job.
  • A very pragmatic, business-oriented approach to change management and communications that prepares the workforce to be ready and willing to adopt and then stabilize enterprise-wide change.
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