Electric Field Operations Training

Within the electric industry, technology is changing exponentially. And utilities are being pressured by both regulators and customers to provide more diverse and innovative solutions, especially in the distribution business. The speed of change and its associated disruption to the way work is done is creating the need for ongoing, accelerated training methods to create new skill sets in the workforce.

The historic apprenticeship model for training new workers created a relatively slow learning curve and required a long time for employees to reach full productivity. Given today’s competitive and changing environment, the ultimate goal of a successful training program must be to accelerate learning and to fill skill gaps so the workforce is able to do business-critical work, and then maintaining and adjusting those skills over time as the needs of the business change.

Mosaic helps clients in the electric industry:

  • Reconfigure job roles and tasks to account for both the current state and where the company is headed.
  • Build competency-based training programs that speed the time to competence and result in a more skilled and effective workforce.
  • Leverage safety and productivity metrics to align training priorities with business goals and risk management strategies.
  • Develop tools and strategies to increase the speed and success of transferring the knowledge and skills gained in formal training to actual work performed on the job.
  • Build assessments that provide insight and visibility into competency gaps in the workforce.
  • Develop strategies for sustaining competence for the long-term based on actionable business insights.
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