ADMS Implementation

Successful adoption of an advanced distribution management system (ADMS) is difficult because the criteria used to determine success within power distribution is rapidly changing. Amid the industry-wide transformation to ADMS, utilities are struggling with the speed of change and its associated disruption to the control room and system operations.

Utilities at the forefront of this transformation recognize that success demands building and maintaining a workforce competent in both the system and new power distribution models. ADMS transforms the job functions and competencies required for success.

Industry Challenges:

  • There is a lack of internal expertise around the new skills and competencies required by ADMS.
  • Control rooms lack the capacity to lead and sustain large-scale training efforts.
  • The operator training simulator (OTS) provides a new approach to training that requires ADMS expertise and experience to build out.

ADMS implementations and associated training must be orchestrated carefully because ADMS impacts every job role and business process associated with distribution operations. Mosaic’s Grid Operations team is made up of industry experts and training practitioners whose combined expertise and experience provide game-changing leadership through this transformative change.

Some companies are taking a slower journey to ADMS and sustaining legacy Outage Management Systems (OMS) and Energy Management Systems (EMS) while adding components of ADMS over time and building internal integrations. Mosaic provides expertise in all distribution operations technologies and operator qualification training.

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