Case Study

Enhanced Gas Operations Training

Combined Utility

Ameren Illinois has been increasingly turning over our workforce to the next generation. With this transition comes a responsibility to ensure we are providing new gas employees with the right content at the right time that also matches their learning style. Ultimately, we want to ensure that our training programs leverage industry best practices and empower our workforce to succeed in the field.

John Bozarth, Manager Gas Compliance, Ameren Illinois

The Situation

AIC is focused on building the next generation energy delivery system for central and southern Illinois, and has embarked on a plan to improve its efficiency and reliability. The company is strengthening its integrity, safety and reliability by replacing gas transmission systems and gas distribution facilities to improve service. In conjunction, AIC is investing in its people to equip a rapidly growing and inexperienced workforce with the skills and knowledge needed to drive growth for the organization.

Mosaic Offers a Solution

AIC asked Mosaic to assess its current state in comparison to the goals of its training organization, and to develop a training strategy that prepares all employees to do their work safely and efficiently. Following an in-depth training needs assessment, Mosaic recommended an enhanced training strategy that supports AIC’s goals of achieving empowered and high performing teams, transformed gas operations, satisfied customers, and above all, a safe workplace.

Key components of the training strategy include:

  • A comprehensive apprenticeship program that prioritizes the tasks most critical to organizational success at the right points in an employee’s development. This program will build full employee competence, and enable employees to be productive and able to contribute to business success earlier in their careers.
  • Easily accessible and navigable performance support that gets procedural and other types of critical information into the hands of the workforce when and where they need it—on the job.
  • Engaging, scenario-based training delivery and hands-on practice in a safe, realistic work environment to increase student retention for critical tasks.
John Bozarth Manager Gas Compliance, Ameren Illinois
Ultimately, Ameren Illinois partnered with Mosaic to ensure that our existing training programs leverage industry best practices in the use of technology, and that our curriculum design provides a comprehensive and consistent platform to empower our workforces to succeed in their jobs,” said Bozarth. “Mosaic’s specific experience in our industry and training expertise is enabling us to turn this ambition into a reality. We are in the process of creating a comprehensive blueprint tailored to meet the specific needs of our company and customers.