Training Services

We believe people drive business results.

We have spent decades equipping humans for highly complex jobs in potentially life-threatening settings, roles few others understand.

Mosaic’s industry-leading framework helps organizations build sustainable workforce readiness through competency- and scenario-based training strategies and integrated systems thinking that continuously evolves to align with business priorities and needs.

The six components of Mosaic’s Adaptive Training System include:

  1. Work Execution
  2. Business Alignment
  3. Workforce Readiness
  4. Training Content
  5. Facilitation & Administration
  6. Learning Environment

We build training for:

  • Corrosion Technicians
  • Designers
  • Distribution Operators
  • Engineers
  • Front-line Supervisors
  • Gas Technicians
  • GIS Mappers
  • Inspectors
  • Instrumentation Technicians
  • Linemen
  • Meter Technicians
  • Network Modelers
  • Relay Technicians
  • Substation Technicians
  • Transmission Operators
Mosaic has been an outstanding partner as we’ve transformed our training approach. Their team helped us define a modernized and efficient training strategy to help our workforce achieve competence earlier in their careers and maintain it over time. They bring training expertise, industry perspective, and they are true partners in our success; challenging and collaborating with us and doing what it takes to ensure we achieve our objectives.