Case Study

Advanced Workforce Training Initiative

Gas Utility

The Situation

Continually evolving compliance requirements, a significant increase in new hires and advancements in technology in the field, combined with the ongoing need for training delivery, had stretched the capacity of DEO’s training organization and created a backlog of training requests. DEO knew they needed to improve their ability to develop and sustain full employee competence across their field operations workforce to enhance productivity and decrease safety risks.

To stay ahead of the curve and cultivate a workforce that is safe, qualified, and prepared for rising changes in the gas distribution industry, DEO partnered with Mosaic to analyze the current state of gas safety and training. As a result of the analysis and recommendations, and to sufficiently support Dominion’s multi-billion-dollar pipeline infrastructure replacement program, DEO kicked off the Advanced Workforce Training Initiative (AWTI). The goal of this initiative is to provide an integrated training approach that better prepares employees for a safe and successful career and provides a safe and reliable system for Dominion’s customers.

Mosaic Offers a Solution

Driving DEO’s training solution is a desire to utilize technology to ensure training assets are easily sustainable and accessible to field employees when and where they need them—on the job. DEO is using a three-pronged approach to training technologies to achieve this goal:

  • A content management system (CMS) that drives consistency and enables various types of training deliverables to be built once and used many times across different groups.
  • Mosaic’s cloud-based information relationship management platform (Tapestry), which provides direct visibility into change impacts across regulatory, procedural, OQ, training, and performance support documentation.
  • A help and support tool (HAS) that makes all training content and job aids accessible in the field and easily searchable by role and task.

DEO’s enhanced training strategy is helping to develop a more competent workforce, enhance organizational alignment, and empower employees to embody the company’s values of safety, ethics, teamwork, and excellence.