The Future of Work in the Utility Industry

Published January 5, 2023

Rachel Collier, Mosaic’s Chief Marketing Officer, recently sat down with former PG&E president and current Mosaic board member Nick Stravopolous to discuss the “Future of Work”.  The interview provides some interesting insights into how utility executives think about training and workforce performance, the challenges utility leaders face today, and how business transformation is impacting employees and the way work is done. Enjoy! WE Magazine Winter Issue 2022

Nick Stravopolous Board Member
Ultimately, effective training must be tied to the business. And that level of alignment comes from the top. Leaders focsed on operational excellence and safety give thier employees the best tools, training, and technology because you can’t be the best worker if you don’t have those things. Too many senior executives don’t come from the operating side of the business, so they don’t deeply understand how it all works and how essential training is.

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