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Three Areas Where ADMS Can Make a Major Impact

Modern consumers, regardless of industry, have changing expectations of service providers, each day there are more and more examples how consumers want more information about their service.  Technology is the pathway that can better prepare utilities to meet these changes. One of the most significant changes that a utility can make is implementing an Advanced Distribution Management System or ADMS. Three areas where ADMS can make a major impact to an electric utility industry is in Operations, Communications and Safety.

Operational efficiencies and improved analytics are the core improvements provided to the utility by ADMS. ADMS provides a “one stop shop” to allow operations to access all necessary programming in one area. By integrating the utilities data, the ADMS allows for advanced applications such as FLISR, Load flow, volt/var optimization, and DERMS (Distributed Energy Resource Management System).

Outage portals, field clients and consolidated dashboards within ADMS, improve communications between the customer, the control center, and the field.  When utilities and customers have improved communications, all parties involved can make better operational or personal decisions based on real time information.  With ADMS improving the ability for different entities to communicate, the utility will also see an improvement in their overall safety culture.  The role of ADMS in operations, communications, and safety leads to a better service relationship between the utility and its customers.