Clint Morse

Clint's got his eyes on the horizon—always. He was future-focused way back when he co-founded Mosaic with his wife, Shelly, and still is today, over 20 years later. His specialty is seeing possibility, the things that could be, and then engineering the steps to get there. He brings to the table a whole lot of practical, real-world vision to get companies from their current reality to a better, higher-performing future. You could say he was born with this knack, or it may be something he grew into over his long tenure in the business world. Either way, Clint has a real eye for potential and he strongly believes that people are a company's greatest asset—something that you'll see and feel the second you walk through Mosaic's doors.

In his downtime, Clint sharpens up his golf game, spends time with his kids and grandkids, and watches as many sunsets as he can get his eyes on. He's also notorious for misplacing any and everything that can be misplaced.