The Mosaic Approach to Field Operations Training

Our unique approach results in a program precisely designed to train your people to perform their work competently and safely.

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Our Approach

Based on decades of experience working with utility and oil & gas companies, and detailed benchmarking across the industry, Mosaic has developed a framework for best-in-class field operations training. This framework allows companies to evaluate how they perform in comparison to industry peers in each of these key areas:

  • Employee Competence
  • Governance
  • Content & Tools
  • Instructor Excellence
  • Facilities & Props
  • Procedures
  • Technology

There is no single pillar or strategy that can independently solve workforce challenges. It takes a balance of these seven elements to address specific business goals. Whether your goals are increased agility, more innovation, or faster time to competence, it is critical to look holistically across the business to ensure that workforce objectives are aligned with corporate objectives and that the training organization is equipped to help the business operate more safely and reliably.

Mosaic has been an outstanding partner as we’ve transformed our training at NiSource. Their team has helped us define a modernized and efficient training strategy to help our workforce achieve competence earlier in their careers and maintain it over time. They bring training expertise, industry perspective, and they are true partners in our success; challenging and collaborating with us and doing what it takes to ensure we achieve our objectives.
Marie Walker Vice President, Training & Qualifications, NiSource
Electric Gas Pipeline