Case Study

ADMS & Controller Training

Combined Utility

The Situation

Our client, a Midwest utility, recently underwent a project to transition from field control of the distribution network to control room operator management. The project required that new controllers with no operations experience be trained to understand the requirements to control the distribution network from substation to customer meter. At the same time, the utility was transitioning from a legacy outage management and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system to Hitachi’s single automation and control platform.


Mosaic Offers a Solution

The utility partnered with Mosaic to build and deliver advanced distribution management system (ADMS) and operator training for controllers, control room supervisors, operations managers, field supervisors, and field personnel. Mosaic’s industry experts and training consultants partnered to design and develop role-based training for outage management processes and fundamental operator skills. The training included classroom instruction, virtual instruction, scenario roleplays, 3D substation modeling, system simulations, and on-the-job training checklists.

Our industry experts were also tasked with developing and mapping control room business processes for the utility’s new control center as they transitioned full control of the distribution network to the control room. Mosaic created new procedures for planned and emergency switching, hot-line hold, clearances, jurisdictional boundaries, switching language, mapping quality control, tagging, transfer schemes, and alarm management.

Additionally, Mosaic assisted with best practices for implementing the network model build and integrating advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) alarms in ADMS.