Case Study

Operations-Wide Safety Competency

Combined Utility

We have partnered with Mosaic for several years; it’s a collaborative partnership built on trust and mutual respect. Their instructional design expertise and deep industry knowledge enable us to elevate our safety training to achieve employee competence and business goals.

Crystal Cockrell, Senior Safety Supervisor

The Situation

Following a safety incident, AIC decided to overhaul its fall protection safety training to ensure employees across the organization were both authorized and competent in high-risk skills. Due to Ameren’s siloed operations, there was a limited line of sight between training groups when it came to safety topics and training requirements. To bolster their commitment to safety, AIC embarked on a journey to improve learning effectiveness for safety competence and integrate safety programs consistently across the organization.


Mosaic Offers a Solution

After reviewing a variety of course materials across five critical competencies (fall protection, excavations, personal protective equipment, confined space, and job safety briefings), Mosaic partnered with the AIC Safety department to:

  • Define competence and levels of expected proficiency by role-based on OSHA requirements and AIC standards.
  • Create modular safety training that is applicable and useable across multiple employee groups and various training purposes.
  • Align and integrate safety training consistently across the organization.
  • Establish a foundation to measure, monitor, and maintain safety competence across the organization.


As of 2021, fall protection training is complete and integrated into apprenticeship programs and refresher training across Ameren Illinois. AIC is continuing to partner with Mosaic to build competency-based safety training for excavations, personal protective equipment (PPE), confined spaces, and job safety briefings.