Case Study

Corrosion Control Apprentice Training Program

Gas Utility

The Situation

As part of a larger corrosion control program development initiative, our client needed to develop a corrosion apprentice program as a first step in a training program that will eventually include all technician progressions, corrosion engineers, and analysts. The existing program’s model made it increasingly difficult to recruit, progress, and ensure competence in the corrosion technician role.

  • Apprentices must take their progression evaluation and OQ test within the first 60 days in the role and are removed from the department if they fail twice.
  • Without proper business process documentation and training materials, their only source of training is the supervisor and assigned ride-along partner.
  • Learning experiences vastly differed from person to person, and apprentices who passed the test were not necessarily demonstrating competency on the job.


Mosaic Offers a Solution

Mosaic recommended an overhauled approach to the corrosion apprentice program that included:

  • Moving the OQ test to five months and the progression evaluation to six months on the job.
  • Creating a training program and documentation to ensure uniform training centered around the competencies needed for the apprentice role and to pass the evaluation.
  • Developing curriculum for the Technician 1, 2, and 3 roles that closely mirrors the industry standard set by the Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP) to ensure individuals receive enough exposure to the work to gain industry-recognized certification.