Case Study

Payment Platform System Training During COVID

Combined Utility

The Situation

One of the final initiatives of this customer’s four-year business initiative to enhance the customer experience was its Payment Platform Replacement (PPR) project. The utility moved from three interrelated systems to a single payment platform, Paymentus, to provide improved payment options and streamline the bill pay experience for both customers and employees.

The rollout affected over 1,000 employees from numerous business units, including customer service, performance quality, billing, payment, credit & collections, metering network services, construction and business services, and customer-facing field teams. The utility partnered with Mosaic to build and deliver a targeted training program that provided tiered levels of training based on the level of impact to specific employee groups.


Mosaic Offers a Solution

Mosaic built and delivered three tiers of training. The level and type of training received depended on each business unit’s level and type of impact. Different training interventions ranged in content and delivery modality and included:

  • Webinar-based roadshows to field employees to increase awareness and provide guidelines for customer interactions.
  • eLearning and avatar videos for awareness training and communication from leadership.
  • Simulations to provide visualization of the customer experience for basic tasks and common troubleshooting scenarios.
  • Videos demonstrating call flows and screen navigation for different customer interaction scenarios.

These training assets remain available on an internal performance support portal that is searchable by topic and task.