Case Study

U.S. Operations Training Organization

Pipeline & Midstream

Because we were convinced of the strategic value of creating a new path to employee productivity, we turned to Mosaic’s decades of experience to lead the effort as our trusted partner. We want to take advantage of industry best practices to rapidly convert the potential of our workforce to peak performance. Mosaic had the exact experience we needed.

Andy Drake, VP, Spectra Energy

The Situation

Spectra Energy’s Drive to 35 initiative is committed to securing $35 billion in new growth projects between 2013 and 2020. And workforce demographics for U.S. Operations show that a significant number of eld employees with decades of experience will be exiting the workforce over the next few years. The people who will replace this aging workforce, and who will be responsible for supporting the Drive to 35 initiative, will account for a significant recruitment effort over the next five years.

In order to ensure that the workforce is equipped to support these massive investments, Spectra proactively proposed a five-year initiative to build and implement an accelerated eld ops training program, which was endorsed by executive management. In addition to equipping an expanding workforce to support new assets and technology, this training program will help mitigate the risks associated with increased regulations and the costs and consequences of potential human error.

Mosaic Offers a Solution

Spectra Energy partnered with Mosaic to develop a training program that delivers a managed, efficient and consistent approach to training for its 1,000+ U.S. field operations employees.

Spectra’s current model for training U.S. Operations employees is not sufficient to accommodate the rapid growth of their workforce, especially during a period of increased retirements. The new “Path to Productivity” approach to training is accelerating learning through role-based classroom training, structured on-the-job-training (OJT), job aids and continuous coaching. This enables eld employees to be more productive in a shorter amount of time, and equates to a significantly greater number of productive days earlier in an employee’s career. This is projected to result in a substantial return on investment (ROI) from training.

Mosaic’s goal was to accelerate the path to competency by building a structured training program that focuses on three key components: role-based training, structured on-the-job-training (OJT), and the innovative use of technology that provides employees with the information they need when they need it.

“We’ve worked with Mosaic on different projects for almost a decade, and they have consistently delivered value for Spectra Energy. It’s been a natural progression to have them partner with us on the development of our U.S. Operations training program. They are a true trusted advisor for our company”

Kent Denny, Director of Transmission Services.