Case Study

Maximo 7.5 Upgrade

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Since Go-Live, business users have commented on the ease of use and speed of the new system. The upgrade has enhanced work processes by reducing the number of steps needed and the number of screens to navigate. End user adoption has been extremely high, and the businesses are using the new system the way it was intended—to improve business processes and organizational efficiency.

Steve Summers, TVA, Director Enterprise Solutions Delivery

The Situation

TVA recently updated its Maximo EAM version from 6.2 to 7.5. The main business drivers for this upgrade were an end of support for Maximo 6.2, the need to retire legacy applications, and a significant overhaul of the following business processes: Preventative Maintenance, Work Management, Asset Management, Corrective Action and the P.O. process. The upgrade allowed TVA to map the new system to their unique business processes and enhance overall business efficiencies as a result.

Because of low end user adoption and training issues encountered during the previous Maximo 6.2 implementation, TVA decided early on to invest a significant portion of their budget in customized curriculum and training delivery. They wanted to guarantee consistent use of the new business processes and comprehensive user adoption of the new Maximo 7.5 system.


Mosaic Offers a Solution

TVA selected Mosaic to design, develop and deliver role-based training to 7,000 employees representing 10 functional business groups made up of 86 different roles spread across 18 locations in Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky and Mississippi. Because training was specifically targeted to roles, end users were only pulled away from their jobs for training that was specific to their work. This saved TVA thousands of hours of productive work time, because employees were only trained on the information they needed to know to perform the tasks specific to their roles.

Mosaic created Visual Process Maps (VPMs) to communicate with employees about how the upgrade directly impacted their individual roles. Prior to the upgrade, there was a large skill gap between Maximo profficiency and how the business intended to use the system. TVA’s business processes were a combination of old and new, and employees had developed bad habits and workarounds in the old system. Mosaic worked with business subject matter experts to document end-to-end processes, and incorporated these into the training curriculum.

Mosaic also built a Maximo Knowledge Center to make performance support materials more discoverable and reusable in a simple, work-relevant context. The knowledge center was introduced during end user training to equip employees to be more self-reliant on the job.

As TVA’s training partner, Mosaic successfully helped optimize end user training and minimize workforce impacts for the nearly 7,000 employees directly impacted by the Maximo 7.5 upgrade. Thanks to Mosaic’s role-based training and performance support solutions, the right people were trained on the right knowledge and skills at the right time, and TVA’s workforce has been equipped to maintain competency in the new system long-term.