Case Study

Targeted Tapping & Stopping Training

Combined Utility

The Situation

Mosaic partnered with a combined utility to build a training program for their Tapping & Stopping department. The department is comprised of a select group of hand-picked, highly specialized individuals who are already at the top of their craft and have all of their Operator Qualifications (OQs). They needed a targeted program to train new operators for high-consequence work on larger, higher-pressure pipes.


Mosaic Offers a Solution

Mosaic did a complete analysis of the Tapping & Stopping department and determined these experts needed training tailored specifically for them. We partnered closely with tenured technicians and specialists to build a training program that would provide value and be sustainable over time.

The program’s foundation consists of a suite of web-based machine equipment training courses. Operators take these courses in an a la carte format in the shop or on a mobile device, with supervisors available to answer questions. A self-directed approach lets operators get just-in-time training on the specific equipment they will use for upcoming jobs. Hands-on training cannot be done in a training center because the equipment is too big and diverse. Therefore, the knowledge component is supported by the on-the-job practice of specific tasks in the field facilitated by a supervisor or equipment specialist.

The key to the success of this program was the collaboration between Mosaic’s training experts and the utility’s Tapping & Stopping specialists. They appreciated how integral they were to the design process and have expressed the value of having a more formalized, professional way to train and upskill new operators and technicians.