Case Study

Training Renovation to Support Business Transformation

Combined Utility

The Situation

This utility embarked on a multi-year, multi-million-dollar initiative to bring transformative change to gas business execution by aligning people, processes, and technology.

In preparation for the program’s launch, Mosaic performed a current state analysis of the U.S. gas operations workforce. The investigation revealed opportunities to enhance the utility’s technical and operator qualification training programs to impact employee behavior and business performance.

Mosaic was enlisted to build a comprehensive gas operations training program to support the organization’s massive process and technology changes. The vision for the future was to expand employee competence beyond compliance and basic technical skills by adding enhanced public safety, customer relations, and operational data management to the training mix.


Mosaic Offers a Solution

Mosaic embarked on a three-year project to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Redefine employee competence and align executive vision with front-line training activities.
  • Develop a blend of instructor-led (ILT), web-based (WBT), and on-the-job training (OJT) courseware for five business units.
  • Create playbooks for each OJT program that detail the roles and responsibilities and the coordination and support required by different stakeholders to implement and maintain.
  • Build reports and processes to better leverage the company’s existing technology investments, enabling quick and timely measurement of work management and OJT initiatives to ensure the right breadth and timing of exposure and practice.
  • Execute change management activities for all stakeholders impacted by the new training rollout (e.g., supervisors, managers, instructors, students) to build awareness and ownership.
  • Implement instructor excellence programs to prepare instructors to effectively deliver all new training program components.

The training renovation resulted in a significantly updated workforce strategy and training approach, with a renewed focus on competence to ensure the gas operations workforce is ready and able to support ongoing business transformation. Mosaic rebuilt the entire gas technical training program with new curricula for Customer Meter Services (CMS), Construction & Maintenance (C&M), Instrumentation & Regulation (I&R), Damage Prevention, and Corrosion across three jurisdictions.