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Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Corporation

Immersive Tablet Press Preparation and Operation Procedure Simulations

Clinical studies leaders from this leading international pharmaceutical company recognized an opportunity to significantly reduce the amount of time, wasted materials, and costly repairs related to the improper use of sophisticated Tablet Press equipment utilized to create small batches of test samples that are essential to their laboratory research processes.

With the objective of dramatically improving the ability for Lab professionals to properly prepare tablet press equipment and create short batches of test samples in consistently reduced time periods, Mosaic strategy, technology, and instructional design specialists worked closely with client SMEs and the press manufacturer to develop a detailed virtual reality environment.

Within this virtual experience, technicians can train and practice all the procedures required to set-up and produce any variety of tablet samples successfully, while assessing and certifying each participant’s level of competency before allowing them access to the actual equipment located within a highly secure and clean environment that does not permit technicians to bring in any outside reference materials (e.g., instruction guides, job aids, etc.).

Virtual Innovation Applied to Drive Real World Business Results

Utilizing Mosaic’s advanced online gaming and augmented/virtual reality platform, we worked closely with client learning leaders, SMEs, and the press manufacturer that provided us with CAD drawings of the actual equipment to create a robust virtual reality environment designed to truly replicate the experiences Lab professionals would face when using the tablet press.

In addition, Mosaic incorporated the latest innovations in VR equipment to deliver these immersive experiences, using Oculus Quest 2® headsets that no longer require cumbersome cords connecting to computers and unique sensors that tracked hand motions to avoid the need for wand controllers within a limited space.

As Lab professionals continued to safely practice and become certified on the critical preparation and detailed operational procedures required to successfully create high quality tablet runs within the virtual reality press environment, within a 6-month period client business managers and operations analysts were impressed to see a nearly 60% reduction in the exorbitant costs related to wasted materials usage and equipment repairs.

Award Winning Outcomes

As a result of this initiative, our client and Mosaic recently received a Gold Brandon Hall Award of Excellence for Best Advance in Innovative Technology.

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