Digital Learning Group


Enabling Learning Everywhere & Measuring Performance Outcomes

Mosaic’s Digital Learning Group works strategically with clients to create unique blended learning experiences designed to provide employees with optimal training solutions to perform at their best and drive business results.

We work closely with stakeholders to clearly define business objectives, establish audience profiles, and align the appropriate creative concepts and digital technologies to deliver the optimal blend of relevant, valuable, and integrated learning experiences.

Valerie Gamble Global Strategic Initiatives Lead Drug Safety R&D (DSRD), Pfizer, Inc.
Over the past 15 years, the Digital Learning Group has been a trusted partner I count on to push the boundaries of what’s possible within our highly regulated environment. By consistently designing strategically aligned and innovative combinations of classroom and digital learning solutions, we provide our colleagues with the training they need to do their jobs successfully.
Interactive Virtual Classroom Workshops
Enhanced eLearning Courses
Live, Animated, and Interactive 360 Video
Moment of Need Mobile Micro Learning
Immersive Virtual Reality Experiences
Experiential Online 3D Scenario Simulations
Electric Gas Pipeline