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Mobile Consultative Sales Training Program

Mosaic worked collaboratively with business and training leaders to create a comprehensive blended learning program for sales representatives within the dealership marketing and inventory support systems division of this global “Big-Three” automotive manufacturer. These samples reflect one of many responsive digital performance support modules we designed to reinforce and evaluate each representative’s understanding of the “Consultative Selling” information, knowledge, and techniques they acquired during prior classroom and eLearning training events.

Understanding that this division’s sales representatives primarily work remotely to support their dealership clients located in regions throughout North America, we created concise eLearning modules designed to be easily accessed from the corporate LMS and the web-based learning portal we developed using their SAP-JAM platform. Each module can be viewed from their computer web-browsers or automatically displayed responsively from any tablet or smart phone mobile device to provide ongoing “moment-of-need” information when and where they require it.

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Dynamic Multi-Platform Delivery

Due to its highly structured format and streamlined rapid development capabilities, Articulate 360’s RISE was identified as the best tool to ensure all training content, images/graphics, interactions, and knowledge checks would be concise and modular in design, easy to update, and perform optimally within all SCORM compliant LMS platforms. It also enabled courses to dynamically adjust. seamlessly display, and perform responsively within the unique dimensions and native navigational functionality of all PC/Mac web-browsers and Android/IOS mobile devices.