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German Automobile Manufacturer

Enhanced eLearning Courses

Thematic Discovery-Based Sales Training

To help people understand important and often complex concepts, we occasionally incorporate recognizable themes to further engage training audiences, provide context and relevance, and improve information retention.

As this renowned German automaker transitioned to high-performance diesel technologies, Mosaic worked collaboratively with U.S.-based sales and learning leaders to create an eLearning program designed to help their sales professionals understand the misconceptions of diesel-powered performance and better communicate the benefits of their advanced systems to customers.

Integrating Friendly Competition

Utilizing animated avatars and custom graphical environments, Mosaic designed this eLearning program to proactively address sales and end-consumer misconceptions related to diesel engines as an alternative high-performance fuel option. We used an overarching theme similar to the popular Discovery Channel show “MythBusters,” where participants are encouraged to interact and discover truths and myths about the technology.

Using tracking data provided by the eLearning courses, we also developed a dynamic and highly accessible online “Leaderboard” displaying each participant’s results to nurture a friendly competition amongst colleagues that aligned with the culture of the sales organization.