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Global Healthcare Company

Interactive Virtual Classroom Workshops

Thematic Leadership Development Virtual Workshop



Working closely with business leaders from this global pharmaceutical company, Mosaic created highly engaging and interactive virtual workshops as part of their week-long “Performance Continuum” Leadership Development program.

We utilized a blend of face-to-face classroom, virtual breakout sessions for video scenario simulation activities, and online tools for ongoing support, and we incorporated custom illustrations to create a “Graphic Novel” theme for establishing the context and increasing audience participation throughout the workshop.

Creating a Relatable Story


These highly energetic and dynamic graphical themes were used to enhance relevance and engagement by creating a “Cast of Characters” that resembled actual employees and their roles. These characters were used in a series of relatable video scenario simulations during the virtual breakout sessions and incorporated into a variety of team activities.

To provide context and consistency, the graphical treatments were integrated throughout the workshop session communications, training content, collaboration activities, and as transitional effects when introducing each of the video scenarios teams used to review, analyze, and determine their action plans collaboratively during virtual breakout sessions.