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Tablet Press Preparation & Operation

Global Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Corporation

Virtual Innovation to Drive Consistency & Cost Savings

Clinical studies leaders from an international pharmaceutical company recognized an opportunity to significantly reduce the amount of time, wasted materials, and costly repairs related to the improper use of sophisticated Tablet Press equipment utilized to create small batches of test samples that are essential to their laboratory research processes.

Immersive Simulations & Assessment


We worked closely with client learning leaders, subject-matter experts, and the press manufacturer to create a robust virtual reality environment where technicians can train and practice all the procedures required to successfully set up and produce any variety of tablet samples. The solution assesses and certifies each participant’s level of competency before allowing them access to the actual equipment located within a highly secure and clean environment that does not permit technicians to bring in any outside reference materials.

Award Winning Outcomes

Our client and Mosaic received a Gold Brandon Hall Award of Excellence for Best Advance in Innovative Technology.