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Global Pharmaceutical Corporation

Experiential 360 Video Training for Restricted Labs

Due to the high level of industry security and safety regulations associated with restricted research zones and laboratories, Mosaic developed a series of immersive and interactive 360 Videos as part of a blended learning experience for new hire candidates considering this important role.

Working closely with specialized research professionals, we filmed a variety of 360 Videos designed to guide viewers through each aspect of the responsibilities and activities technicians perform within various labs, in order for participants to fully experience and understand the impact of critical procedures and are prepared before ever actually entering the secure facilities.

Taking People Where They Could Not Go Before

To create the immersive virtual experiences our clients envisioned, we utilized the latest 360 Video equipment and technologies to capture live footage of certified technicians guiding viewers through a wide range of activities within restricted labs and optimized the videos to allow participants to view, move about, and interact with each scenario using HTC Vive VR headsets and wands.

Award Winning Results

As a result of this initiative, our client and Mosaic recently received a silver and bronze Brandon Hall Award of Learning Excellence for this 360 Video series.