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Global Software and Technology Company

Rethinking the Onboarding Experience

People Operations leaders within this widely recognized global software and technology company recognized their current onboarding programs were antiquated, ineffective, and described as “disappointing” by newly hired employees. Leaders saw an opportunity to “leap forward” in their approach by creating a world-class experience to welcome new people to their organization, educate them in a more relevant and meaningful way, and reduce their time to proficiency.

Together with company operations and learning leaders, Mosaic’s strategy, instructional design, and technology consultants designed a comprehensive onboarding program and curriculum approach referred to as “Six Degrees of Empowerment.” The program combined an innovative blend of onsite and virtual classroom, enhanced eLearning, online 3D simulations, augmented reality, and the use of AI bots to create highly engaging, personalized, and socially connected onboarding experiences. An intuitive mobile micro-learning platform is the primary method for accessing and delivering key information and knowledge throughout the entirety of the year-long onboarding process.

Using Mobility to Immerse New Hires Before Their First Day

The foundational structure and curriculum of the “Six Degrees of Empowerment” program focuses on dynamically interacting with, immersing, educating, and supporting newly hired employees from the moment they accept their position to the completion of their first year with the organization, and even beyond to enable their journey to mastery.

The primary pillars of the onboarding program include:

  • Sixth Degree of Empowerment – Pre-Boarding: Preparing new hires before their first day with personalized welcome videos from the CEO, assigned mentor contact information, day-1 to-do checklists, and online maps/hot spots to their work locations.
  • Fifth Degree of Empowerment – Company and Culture: Orienting new hires with a fundamental understanding of the company’s history, values, industry position, organizational structure, business strategy, and vision for the future.
  • Fourth Degree of Empowerment – Connection: Aligning new hires with access to the critical resources, cohort groups, networks and technology, communication tools, direct leaders, social boards, and knowledge sharing systems they require for success.
  • Third Degree of Empowerment – Collaboration: Integrating new hires into their roles and how they will work with peers to drive business impact, gain skill/knowledge proficiency, enhance group project performance, and leverage the support mechanisms available to them.
  • Second Degree of Empowerment – Career: Launching new hires on their path to successful careers through self-directed performance management methods, mentoring programs, job rotation assignments, career planning, and structured experiences.
  • First Degree of Empowerment – Achievement: Enabling new hires to excel within the organization and achieve long-term goals, ongoing recognition, and rewards.