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Multinational Pharmaceutical Corporation

Enhanced eLearning Courses

Consumer Brand Science Awareness

Working closely with the Consumer Healthcare business and learning leaders from this leading global pharmaceutical company, Mosaic created a series of highly customized eLearning courses for each of their 18 commercial products. The courses were designed to build awareness and educate their Brand Managers on key aspects of the science associated with the individual products.

The objective was to increase the manager’s high-level understanding of each consumer brand with concise, engaging, interactive, and relevant eLearning modules, so they felt more confident in their ability to effectively communicate these attributes with targeted market area customers.

Pushing the Limits of Design Consistency and Engagement

During our initial design strategy sessions with Consumer Healthcare leaders, the challenge identified was to condense large volumes of technical information into a series of concise and engaging 20-minute courses using a little-known eLearning development tool they had adopted called Claro.

To improve production efficiencies and provide consistency throughout this series of eLearning courses, Mosaic developed a Claro template designed to push the functional limits of the tool for enhanced animations and interactive custom infographics, while allowing each product to retain a unique look based on marketing themes and color schemes associated with the brand.