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Thematic Mobile Learning Reinforcement Game

Due to the significance of a global new product rollout, in addition to a blended classroom and eLearning training program we developed, business and learning leaders requested an engaging method for ensuring participants continued to comprehend the information they learned during formal training and could apply this knowledge over a long period of time after the training events were completed.

As a result of working collaboratively with client teams, we designed a thematic mobile solution based on the Discovery Channel’s popular game show “Cash Cab,” which was accessed via email and mobile text links in 30, 60, and 90-day intervals after each professional completed the prior training program successfully.

Enhancing the Mobile “Check-In” Experience

Based on the training they received in the months prior, participants are quizzed on key topics with six questions in each gaming scenario while traveling to their virtual destinations to evaluate their levels of retained comprehension and abilities to apply critical concepts.

Similar to the “Cash Cab” themes, as the cab meter ticks, the stakes get higher. Once three questions are missed, the cab pulls over and ejects the participant onto the sidewalk, no matter where they are! Meanwhile, friendly competition is promoted using a “Leaders Board” so participants can see how they rank amongst their colleagues as each scenario is concluded.

Custom graphics and advanced HTML5 technologies were utilized to create highly experiential interactions (e.g., voiceover audio, animations, “Ask a Friend” gaming features, and access to download links for additional information), while also seamlessly allowing for the ability to dynamically view the scenarios from all mobile devices and PC web-browsers.