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North American Sporting Goods Retailer

Dynamically Training Retail Store New Hires

To address the challenges of rapidly training a young and highly transient workforce, Mosaic worked closely with learning leaders at North American’s largest sporting retailer to introduce a robust and comprehensive micro-learning program to support newly hired retail store employees utilizing their existing mobile devices.

Together, we collaborated with creators of the highly accessible and agile Flip Mobile App platform to design and develop a series of role-based mobile micro-learning programs focused on quickly getting new hires up-to-speed in real time on the service best practices and specification knowledge they require to help customers with a wide range of products in various departments (i.e., footwear, apparel, indoor/outdoor equipment, etc.).

Achieving a New Benchmark in Footwear Knowledge & Support

As the organization’s largest, most productive, and complex department, business leaders chose to focus initially on Footwear to launch the mobile micro-learning program. Some of the capabilities and features utilized include:

  • Role-based micro-learning content organized in departmental categories and presented using an intuitive flip card interface.
  • Dynamic graphics, animations, videos, and links to improve visual context and memory retention with the related micro-content.
  • Resource and checklist links to provide immediate access to more detailed digital materials (i.e., PDF documents, websites, videos, etc.).
  • Easy access to frequently used cards in customizable “Favorites” decks.
  • Robust and user-friendly search capabilities and index cards that allow learners to view associated content for each topic.
  • Knowledge check and/or assessment cards to certify knowledge retention and application for required content.
  • Highly detailed reporting and visual dashboards related to each learner’s level of usage, activity, and assessment results, which can dynamically transfer to the corporate LMS.
  • Easy creation of new and updated content within the platform’s administration web-portal, which is instantly available to designated learners once published.

Due to the success achieved with retail employees, the mobile micro-learning training and performance support methodologies and delivery systems have been adopted by corporate departments enterprise-wide (i.e., operations, human resources, leadership development, etc.).

Award-Winning Results

As a result of our collective work with client stakeholders and the Flip Mobile App team to strategically design and implement their mobile micro-learning platform, and the robust data reporting available to evaluate the success of the program, this initiative was awarded a Brandon Hall Silver Award for Excellence in Learning.