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Switching & Tagging

Combined Utility

3D Realistic Equipment Imagery

Electric employees who maintain and service machines and equipment that can unexpectedly energize must be recertified for switching and tagging annually. This utility’s certification testing process was cumbersome, and the visual imagery provided of the equipment was 2D and unrealistic.

Customized Recertification Testing

Using modern browser technology, we created a certification program that presents the employee with realistic 3D imagery to analyze during the recertification test. We built an online assessment that organizes questions into topics and categories for performance and certification metrics. Recertification attempts are tracked, scored, and retrievable for future validation.

The administrators of the recertification program can create new and relevant test questions at any time through an online portal. The online portal’s features provide randomization, groupings, and several question types, ensuring that each employee receives a unique certification test to evaluate their capabilities with switching and tagging events.