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University Health and Well-Being Leadership Program

Working side-by-side with Health and Well-Being department and learning leaders from this internationally recognized university, Mosaic created a comprehensive eLearning program designed to support their colleagues in various leadership roles throughout the institution.

The curriculum covered holistic methods for navigating their individual paths towards professional and personal well-being and guided them to resources created to provide the specific insights and best practices each participant requires.

Integrating a Blend of Learning Experiences


Each eLearning course includes animated non-linear navigation, modern graphical treatments, advanced interactions, and custom videos, designed to be integrated with additional dynamic web tools for individual program planning, ongoing mobile micro-learning support, and experiential online gaming platforms for peer-based collaboration. This blend of experiences creates an engaging, relevant, holistic, and valuable learning experience for each participant.

As part of the university’s mission, one of the key goals for this program is to share these learning experiences with their many corporate partners for the purposes of helping company leaders and employees guide their professional and personal well-being.