Our Thinking

Pipeline Safety Management Systems (PSMS) Benchmark Refresh

In 2018, Mosaic conducted a PSMS benchmark study to provide insight into how companies were building and executing their Pipeline
Safety Management Systems. At that time, most companies were assessing how their existing safety and asset management programs
fit into the API RP 1173 framework. They were still “gap-analyzing” their programs and evaluating the results. Our 2018 benchmark
dove into each of the 10 elements looking for best practices, challenges, early successes, and common themes we could share with the
PSMS community.
Between 2018 and now, Mosaic has worked with some great companies continuing to develop their PSMS programs. We have grown
with them in understanding the benefits, common challenges, and what are becoming commonly adopted best practices. As we
reflected on the state of PSMS implementations, we felt the industry was approaching a significant milestone in maturity and believed
taking a pulse reading would be helpful.

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