Our Thinking

Embracing the Reality that People Are Now Learning Everywhere

Over the past decade, the evolution of technology and social norms has dramatically transformed how people access, consume, and share knowledge. The pandemic further accelerated this new reality where learning is now happening everywhere.

During the upcoming 2021 SGA Natural Gas Conference, Mosaic’s Chief Creative Director, Peter Kelley, will explore how these evolving approaches used to connect and share information represent a tremendous opportunity for organizations to embrace a “Learn Anywhere” mindset. The Learn Anywhere model focuses on combining the right blend of delivery methods to create a multitude of highly accessible touchpoints for engaging and sustainably supporting learners with relevant and valuable information When, Where, and How They Need It, so they are equipped to perform safely and productively.

In addition to valuable face-to-face and virtual classroom experiences, some of the advanced digital solutions organizations are integrating into successful Learn Anywhere programs include:

  • Moment-of-need mobile micro-learning
  • Experiential online 3D gaming simulations
  • Immersive virtual reality experiences
  • Just-in-time augmented reality

The Value of Adopting A “Learn Anywhere” Model

Organizations working to establish agile and sustainable talent development and performance improvement programs recognize the inherent value of Learn Anywhere solutions strategically designed to:

  • Increase training accessibility.
  • Enhance knowledge reinforcement and retention
  • Improve knowledge and skill application and adoption.
  • Enable multi-sourced data tracking and comprehensive evaluation.


For more information about Mosaic’s Learn Anywhere model and advanced digital learning solution, contact Peter Kelley at pkelley@themosaiccompany.com.