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Structured On-the-Job Training

Structured On-the-Job Training (S-OJT) is an effective and flexible way of ensuring employees develop the right knowledge and skills at the right time. It puts structure to the less controlled parts of the process of developing competency. While formal training remains the best way to establish foundational knowledge, a well-defined S-OJT program puts processes and definitions around the required practice, time, and exposure needed to achieve competency.


So if S-OJT is that important, how do we go about making it successful and sustainable?

  1. The scope of your S-OJT program must be:
    • Clearly defined by task requirements. This requires a clear definition of what work people have to do, in what conditions, and to what level of performance, preferably defined in alignment with work management and QA functions.
    • Prioritized by and focused on business priorities. The allotment of development time and dollars must align with the business’ priorities and risk management strategy.
  2. Progress through the program must be tracked and actively managed in a way that:
    • Lessens the burden on operations as much as possible. Shared resources and unclear accountabilities decrease the consistency and effectiveness of S-OJT.
    • Assigns and captures all kinds of learning experiences. In addition to just task repetition, effective S-OJT incorporates self-guided and self-driven learning, simulations, and other types of exposure and practice.
  3. The achievement of development and progress must be measured so that:
    • At an individual level, competency is measured against all of the core knowledge, skills, and abilities rather than just task repetitions or the length of time in a position.
    • At an organizational level, the value of S-OJT can be easily translated into business value, often through improvements in QA metrics but also through gains in productivity and risk metrics.

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