Our Thinking

Training Operators for the Future – What’s the Big Deal?

Understanding the primary role of distribution operators has been consistent for a long time: That role is to “dynamically make decisions that support keeping the lights on and safely protecting the crew and the public.” The how of what distribution operators do, however, is a different story. Constant enhancement of technology, tools, and techniques has simultaneously helped operators do their jobs and made their jobs more complicated…


Why should we reshape operator training?

Keeping control room operators aligned with industry innovations is critical. Continual changes in electric networks, control room technologies, and associated work processes make the need for updated and ongoing training content and methods inevitable. It is not sufficient to onboard new controllers and assume they are ready for the present and the future. A control room operator team with the right knowledge and skills is a good and necessary foundation. Still, ongoing training is required to keep your controllers up-to-date and to hire and retain the best resources.

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