Case Study

Driving Digital and Cultural Transformation

Combined Utility

The Situation

This client was merging four separate operating companies and facing obstacles around the integration of people, processes, and technology systems.

  • Each utility used separate legacy systems to manage work, and many gas and electric records were paper-based.
  • Each company’s culture, policies, and procedures were vastly different, making it difficult to find common ground.

Leadership recognized the need for a concerted organizational change strategy to drive unification efforts.


Mosaic Offers a Solution

This transformational level of change required building change leadership capability as an integral focus for driving business strategy success. Mosaic developed an organizational change and training strategy and collaborated with leadership at all levels to simultaneously implement two transformational level changes: An initiative to unify culture and a five-year digital transformation effort.

To gain buy-in from all employees and equip them to use new systems and processes effectively, Mosaic and leadership teams at all levels embarked on the journey to:

  • Utilize whole systems methods to achieve a high level of commitment to the vision.
  • Implement robust change strategies to align and integrate all people, processes, and technology systems.
  • Select and engage the right leaders at all levels of the organization to act as a guiding coalition.
  • Build change leadership capabilities to shift the organization from a reactive culture to a co-creative, flexible, adaptive mindset.
  • Develop and celebrate success using a new set of behavioral norms to drive desired future state behaviors.
  • Develop a Community of Practice structure and ongoing governance to connect leaders at all levels, share feedback, build knowledge, drive continuous improvement, and measure continued successes.

Mosaic’s change management expertise, change leadership, and role-based training strategies helped our client increase the speed of adoption, unify operations, and drive organizational efficiencies.