Case Study

Moving to the Next Level of PSMS Maturity

Combined Utility

The Situation

The industry developed a comprehensive maturity model to guide operators in adopting and advancing Pipeline Safety Management System (PSMS) standards. The maturity model evaluates a pipeline operator’s progress in conformance, implementation, effectiveness, proactiveness, and maturity of their PSMS.

This utility used the maturity model to perform self-assessments to see where they measured against the requirements of the API RP 1173 standard, and they deployed several programs that improved their pipeline safety performance. They had made significant progress and now needed help moving to the next level of PSMS maturity.


Mosaic Offers a Solution

Mosaic partnered with the PSMS team to review their self-assessments, identify and prioritize programs that impact pipeline safety most, and develop a roadmap for advancing their PSMS maturity over the next three years.

Work products included:

  • A comprehensive PSMS program framework and performance standards that align programs to the requirements of the ten elements of the standard.
  • A work plan, with priorities and level of effort estimates, to focus activities on the areas of highest impact for the coming year.
  • Communications collateral to facilitate internal discussion with PSMS stakeholders,
  • A committee charter for the PSMS leadership review team.
  • Process and procedure documentation for Management of Change and Incident Investigation programs.

Mosaic provided subject matter expertise, project management skills, and technical writing professionals to support the PSMS team in completing this work.

The next phase of Mosaic’s support includes:

  • Completion of the PSMS documentation package in preparation for a third-party audit.
  • Development of Safety Assurance, Documentation and Record Keeping, Risk Management, and Contractor Management programs to support continuous improvement in these specific areas.
  • Development of training and awareness materials to facilitate further deployment of PSMS-related programs in the enterprise.