Case Study

Role and Process-Based Training for an Enterprise CIS Implementation

Combined Utility

The Situation

This client designed and built a new Customer Information System (CIS) in SAP for their Market Operations group. They needed a training vendor to prepare impacted employees for a successful go-live.


Mosaic Offers A Solution

As part of the larger CIS project, Mosaic partnered with the organizational change management (OCM) vendor to develop a training plan, role-based training curriculum, job aids, and train-the-trainer materials to support a three-pronged approach that includes:

  • Introduction to SAP: A self-paced web-based training course that provides foundational SAP knowledge.
  • SAP 101: A general overview of features and functionality across multiple business processes and various Customer Relationship Management (CRM) topics.
  • Role-Based SAP: Subject-matter expert-led, role-based training focused on specific topics within the company’s Market Operations division.

Mosaic built training specific to the utility’s unique roles and business processes to provide impacted employees with the information they needed for day one of go-live. Specific deliverables included:

  • Introductory and role-based training to provide maximum knowledge and practice with minimum disruption.
  • Post-classroom practice exercises to be conducted in the training environment to develop proficiency.
  • Job aids and performance support content that employees can reference post-go-live and on the job.
  • A detailed training delivery plan that was executed by the company’s internal training staff.
  • Train-the-trainer sessions and classroom support that equipped the company’s internal instructors to deliver quality training.