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Inspiring Behavior Change through Blended Learning and Gamification

Business and learning leaders at this internal digital marketing division recognized the critical need to develop an entirely new training strategy, curriculum, and delivery program to transform the culture and practices of their sales professionals from “Order Takers” to Consultative Advisors.” Their objective was to establish a more sustainable, trust-based sales organization focused on forming long-term relationships.

Mosaic designed and developed a comprehensive program that combined a unique blend of learning platforms, delivery modalities, and data tracking methods to support a multifaceted and immersive training experience focused on consultative selling best practices and techniques for becoming trusted advisors. Some of the delivery methods Mosaic implemented for the blended learning program included:

  • Instructor-led onsite and virtual classroom workshops
  • Self-guided web-based eLearning courses
  • Mobile “moment-of-need” micro-learnings
  • Mentoring webinars and podcasts
  • Job aids, infographic resources, and support tools
  • A centralized learning portal for easy access to courses, support materials, and peer-based social training activities

We incorporated a gaming platform throughout each aspect of the blended learning program to inspire, reinforce, and monitor significant behavioral change amongst the sales professionals. The platform includes a web-based leaderboard that tracks and displays each learner’s scores, recognition badges, and certification achievements as they progress from novice (new hire) to proficiency to mastery.

Simulating Consultative Selling Scenarios for Soft Skill Practice and Certification

As an extension of the integrated gaming platform, Mosaic developed an experiential online 3D environment replicating a standard automotive dealership with various interactive and interchangeable avatars located throughout the facilities. Each avatar represents the multiple sales, finance, and service roles participants regularly interact with to perform their responsibilities.

The two primary objectives client leaders identified for participants utilizing the experiential soft skill scenario simulations include:

  • Practicing Safely: Utilizing advanced decision-treeing technologies, participants can virtually engage in dialogues with various dealership representatives (avatars) in randomly generated scenario simulations to safely practice the product knowledge and consultative selling skills they have learned.
  • Assessment and Certification: After completing a minimum number of practice sessions on each product and service offering at varying levels of complexity, participants can choose to be assessed within the environment to achieve certification and move on to the next proficiency or mastery progression level. Assessment results are tracked to the corporate LMS and provided to assigned mentors for review and ongoing best practice guidance.

As a form of acknowledgment and to sustain an active scenario library, experienced sales professionals that maintain mastery-level certifications and mentor recommendations are selected to create new scenarios within the simulation administration site.

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